phoffman-pastor-crop Since 1982 Paul has served the Lutheran Church as a pastor, fully immersed in the ministry of Word and Sacrament and the lives of those he’s served.

Paul was most recently pastor at Phinney Ridge Lutheran in Seattle. There, along with the congregation, Paul pioneered a modern adaptation of the church’s ancient way of bringing new Christians into a life of faith. Having retired at Phinney Ridge, it is to writing and teaching about this process that he’s now turned his full-time attention in pastoral ministry.

Paul still is eager to do the things that pastors do – like preach, teach, administer the sacraments, preside at weddings and lead memorial services. One of his many passions is working with couples seeking counseling in preparation for marriage.

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Hoffman, whose professional life has spanned the last thirty years of tumultuous changes in American Christianity, is a seasoned and practical guide to the how and why of contemporary communal formation. He is also a very passionate and persuasive one.
Phyllis Tickle, author of Emergence Christianity and The Great Emergence


Paul’s latest book FAITH SHAPING MINISTRY is now available. Get your copy today!

What happens after a congregation welcomes new Christians into its ministry?

Building on the work of the first volume in this series, FAITH FORMING FAITH, Paul interprets how a congregation that intentionally practices baptisms and its renewal is itself re-formed.

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Reading this lovely book, is like catching a vision of life that really is life. And it is a primer in ways to participate with God in living the life we come to know in Christ Jesus, offered through the Spirit in baptism. The ripples of baptismal water, Paul argues, wash over every aspect of congregational life. The Rev. Dr. Christian Scharen, Vice President for Applied Research, Auburn Seminary


Paul is a widely sought teacher about parish renewal and bringing new Christians into the faith as disciples of Jesus.

He has keynoted and led workshops in Seattle, in parishes and leadership conferences of many denominations across the country and in Oxford, Paris, and St. Petersburg.

Visit his travel schedule for up-coming bookings in a city near you, or get in touch to arrange for his leadership in your congregation or group.

This year Easter was like stepping into the river. Amazing. And everyone there, I think, could taste it. A bit like Thomas, sticking our hands in his side... Pastor Scott Thalacker, Prince of Peace Lutheran in Logan, UT, reflecting after participating in a faith.forming.faith Immersion Weekend.

[Paul is] a rare and fine teacher, bringing passion in a (mostly) passionless church. His witness to the faith is clear, palpable, and powerful, and though some of us are nervous to say it, Spirit driven in a way we rarely experience. Bishop Martin Wells, Eastern Washington/Idaho Synod, ELCA