With the publication of FAITH FORMING FAITH in 2012, Paul has made a significant contribution to the current literature available on faith formation for the mainline protestant church. Click the trailer below for a brief preview of the book’s contents. Or, better yet, order the book through Wipf and Stock publishers.

“Paul Hoffman has written a stunning book. The book describes one congregation’s bold embodiment of the ancient catechumenate – a pattern of apprenticeship forming people into faith in Jesus Christ.”

Christian Scharen, Luther Seminary, St. Paul, MN


…is a “second volume” in the FAITH FORMING FAITH series. It is the story of how the intentional practice of bringing new converts to discipleship in Jesus, through a yearlong apprenticeship in faith, changed the entire ministry of a congregation. Faith Shaping Ministry contains chapters on the transformation that has taken place in the practices of education (Sunday School and confirmation, specifically), pre-marital counseling, stewardship, preaching, and worship planning to name just a few.

“Faith Shaping Ministry is a totally accessible and profoundly engaging overview of what a traditional “inherited” church congregation can be, do, and become in these times of changing ecclesiology and maturing theology. Hoffman, whose professional life has spanned the last thirty years of tumultuous changes in American Christianity, is a seasoned and practical guide to the how and why of contemporary communal formation. he is also a very passionate and persuasive one.”

Phyllis Tickle author of Emergence Christianity: What It Is, Where It Is Going, Why It Matters


A great devotional read for Lent or anytime at all in the church year, Paul’s reflections on the final hours of Jesus’ life are connected to his own photographs taken in Western Europe.

“I have prayed quite a number of Stations of the Cross in my life time and ministry but I have found Paul Hoffman’s Stations of the Cross to be one of the best precisely because of the meditations he offers. His reflections touch the human reality of our lives while inviting the divine into our human experiences. This is an easy, prayerful read with a deep impact on the mind, the heart, and the soul.”

Fr. Tom Cloherty
Pastor, Prince of Peace, Plano, TX

Digital Editions

FAITH FORMING FAITH and FAITH SHAPING MINISTRY are also available from Amazon in a Kindle edition Barnes and Noble in a Nook edition.