Dazzling Presence on the Mountain

A Hymn for The Transfiguration of Our Lord Dazzling presence on the mountain — Human eye had never seen Such a wonder, such resplendence, Heav’n and earth in cloud convene. “This is my Son, my beloved,” Thund’rous voice from cloud exclaimed. “Word made flesh to heal creation,” To disciples God proclaimed. From this mount of mystic splendor To the cross Christ presses on; Here no Moses, nor Elijah, Only thieves Christ’s wings adorn. “Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy,” Was

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Hasten the Moment

Together they traveled a road paved by God,
Together toward Bethlehem’s stable they trod.
From Gabriel’s visit, to Mary’s consent,
With Joseph’s resolve, to the future they went.
They faithfully followed the plan from above
To hasten God’s moment of love.

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A Place of Word and Table

Suggested Tune: Aurelia

How great the cloud of witness that hovers o’er this place.
The saints both past and present proclaim your saving grace.
We praise you for the mem’ry of those who built before
A place of Word and Table, a bridge to heaven’s door.

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Your Spirit Stirs the Waters

Suggested Tune: Wisdom’s Feast

Your Spirit stirs the waters where sons and daughters
Are born into our calling as Christ’s foll’wers.
You both hold and send us; God, you make us new.
Each one ordained, each called and claimed by you.

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Hail, Favored of the Lord


Suggested Tune: Vårvindar Friska (ELW #407)

Hail, favored of the Lord,
Bearer of the Word,
In your womb the Spirit stirs.
You are the one to bring
To the earth our king,
Christ, of whom we sing.

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The Gift of Water


The gift of water’s what we bring.
From this small gift new life will spring.
Like streams and rivers, let us sing:
“The gift of water’s what we bring.”

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The Vineyard Hymn

Lectionary 25, 26, and 27 in Ordinary Time, Year A

Suggested Tune: Aberystwyth (ELW #601)

Christ tells us of grape and vine,
Cultivating heart and mind.
“I give as I choose to do
To the last as unto you.”

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