A Place of Word and Table

This hymn text was prepared for the dedication of the refurbished sanctuary of Sinai Lutheran Church, Fremont, Nebraska, celebrated on +The Transfiguration of our Lord, 25 February 2001.

Suggested Tune: Aurelia

How great the cloud of witness that hovers o’er this place.

The saints both past and present proclaim your saving grace.

We praise you for the mem’ry of those who built before

A place of Word and Table, a bridge to heaven’s door.


Here sounds of songs and praise fill lips and hearts and ears.

Into this sacred temple we bring our joys, our tears.

Of glass and wood and light beams you carve a holy space;

With beauty, love and mercy, you gift us with your grace.


Your presence is more lofty than human peace or pain.

Here loving transformation renews our lives again.

This taste, these sights, this washing, the sound of saving Word

Within these walls emp’wers us, then sends us out to serve.


It is, at last, our service and not this place of rest

We dedicate, Christ Jesus; your name forever blessed.

Help us live as your body; as sacraments, may we

Be one great cloud of witness, which praises endlessly.

© 2001 Paul Hoffman