Dazzling Presence on the Mountain

A Hymn for The Transfiguration of Our Lord

Dazzling presence on the mountain —
Human eye had never seen
Such a wonder, such resplendence,
Heav’n and earth in cloud convene.
“This is my Son, my beloved,”
Thund’rous voice from cloud exclaimed.
“Word made flesh to heal creation,”
To disciples God proclaimed.

From this mount of mystic splendor
To the cross Christ presses on;
Here no Moses, nor Elijah,
Only thieves Christ’s wings adorn.
“Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy,”
Was one’s penitential sigh.
With transfiguring assurance,
Christ rejoins his fervent cry.

From the heights of New Creation,
Christ beholds his world, redeemed;
As with Peter and companions,
Bring us now to sights unseen.
Justice, mercy, and compassion:
These the booths he bids us build,
That the earth he loves may flourish
As each life with grace is filled.

Let our praise ring from each mountain,
Into deepest valleys pour,
Where with lives of grateful service
We adore Christ evermore.
To the Son, God’s own beloved,
And the Spirit endlessly,
May the church’s praise be lifted
To the Blessed Trinity.

© 2014 Paul E. Hoffman