Paul Hoffman, lead pastor of Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church in Seattle until May 2013, is also a nationally-recognized author, preacher, and leader.

You’ll find a variety of ways in which Paul’s gifts and passions in ministry might be helpful to you and to your congregation.  Whether you’re looking for collaboration in liturgy, in forming new Christians, in writing projects, or in consultation or workshop leadership point and click to see what might be helpful. Paul is also available to work with you on the commission of a new hymn text, or to share those already available for your use.

Publications, sermons, hymn texts, liturgical resources for the church year are available for you to peruse as well.

Since 1996, Pastor Hoffman has led Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church, a pioneering congregation of the ELCA.  This congregation’s ministry of bringing new Christians to the font for baptism or its renewal has also opened the possibilities of amazing and Spirit-filled worship, education, and outreach.  Grounded in a traditional Lutheran heritage, Paul is ready to assist you in ways that are innovative, imaginative, and relevant.

What Others are Saying

This year Easter was like stepping into the river. Amazing. And everyone there, I think, could taste it. A bit like Thomas, sticking our hands in his side…
Pastor Scott Thalacker, Prince of Peace Lutheran in Logan, UT

Reflections after participating in a Immersion Weekend and returning to his congregation to begin a process of faith formation and their first Easter Vigil.


Rev. Paul Hoffman arrived on Monday to serve as the LSM Chaplain. His incredible spirit, wisdom, humor, and his focus on cultivating a community centered on the cross are simultaneously energizing and calming.  What an incredible gift he will be to Lutheran Summer Music!
Beth Burns, Executive Director, Lutheran Summer Music

[Paul is] a rare and fine teacher, bringing passion in a (mostly) passionless church. His witness to the faith is clear, palpable, and powerful, and though some of us are nervous to say it, Spirit driven in a way we rarely experience.
Bishop Martin Wells, Eastern Washington/Idaho Synod, ELCA


I was living with a cocaine dealer. I was lost, miserable, and alcoholic.  My Godless family had given me a warped idea of what life was all about. In short, I was a hot mess. In short, now I am not.  Or if I am a mess, I know where to take my messy self, to get it clean again.  Yep, miracle of miracles, that place is my neighborhood church.

Who knew that good old fashioned religion could save a wretch like me?  You did.  I didn’t.  Who knew that those corny church phrases like living water and bread for your life were not meaningless expressions, but life-sustaining realities?  Not me, and not my smarty pants friends either. If this process can make a Christian out of the likes of me, I suggest you listen up.  This is not a gimmick, a fad, or the latest get-people-back-into church plea.  What Paul Hoffman has to teach and how he teaches it shows us all how Christ creates disciples.
Donna Linn, Child of God

Hoffman, whose professional life has spanned the last thirty years of tumultuous changes in American Christianity, is a seasoned and practical guide to the how and why of contemporary communal formation. He is also a very passionate and persuasive one.
Phyllis Tickle, author of Emergence Christianity and The Great Emergence


Reading this lovely book [Faith Shaping Ministry, Cascade Books, 2013], is like catching a vision of life that really is life. And it is a primer in ways to participate with God in living the life we come to know in Christ Jesus, offered through the Spirit in baptism. The ripples of baptismal water, Paul argues, wash over every aspect of congregational life.
The Rev. Dr. Christian Scharen, Vice President for Applied Research, Auburn Seminary